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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blakers Park Flower Beds

Blakers Park Flower Beds

The flower bed by the tennis courts in Blakers Park has long been in need of some serious loving care. On a bright sunny day early in December a group of volunteer gardeners from Preston Manor walled garden were persuaded to give a hand and wield spades, forks and a mattock to clear years of weeds and other related rubbish.

We were joined by our new ranger, Emma Owen, who now forms a very valuable link between residents and the council. Apart from hard core digging she gave advice and help over other park issues such as the non-closing gates in the dog free area and the unsightly and overflowing dog mess bins.

It was a very successful and satisfying morning, made all the more enjoyable by delicious cups of coffee from Sally’s cafĂ©.

The following week with help from George, the gardener at Preston Manor, two trailer loads of compost were spread over all three beds. In spring the council will provide a selection of shrubs and perennials so hopefully everyone will notice a great improvement in the coming year.

Marion Clark

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