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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Give Us An F…..

Give Us An F…..

Give Us A U…

Give Us an N…

… What’s That Spell?????

This lunchtime a group of 7 met in the Cleveland Pub to discuss the organisational details for the music at this Year’s Picnic.

Although we have twice the stage area this year, it was decided to build the 2 sections together to make one larger stage and strictly limit the time for set up, sound-check and performance to 35 minutes. [15 minutes set up/ sound check and 20 minutes performance]. Hopefully we will thus have more space and time to keep the show moving and avoid disappointing anyone. This means that bands taking too much time in set up and sound check will shorten their performance time. Conversely, the quicker they get ready, the more time is available to perform in.

The provisional running order is as follows:

First act to set up @ 10.45
11.00 Pippa Drysdale

11.20 Dave Woozley & Varndean Students

12.10 Xanthus

12.45 Jack Psychosis

13.20 Sumerian Kyngs

13.55 Sam Heart Band

14.30 That Legendary Wooden Lion

15.05 Jules Franks Band

15.40 Saravian

16.15 Lekiddo

14.50 Rockheart

17.25 Paradise9

18.00 Caitlin Stubbs & Bella Spinks

18.35 Woodstock Jam

The timetable is very tight and will require all the acts to arrive in good time to be ready to go on at their appointed times. Anyone turning up too late is liable to miss their slot altogether. We ask performers to remember this is a family event and their material should reflect this fact.

As there are still bands who would like to perform but cannot because of time restrictions, I would ask any act to let me know at the first opportunity should illness or other factors mean they can no longer make it.

Because 2009 is the fortieth anniversary of Woodstock, we are asking performers to consider putting an item or theme into their act that celebrates this landmark anniversary in the history of popular music. No pressure – but it’d make them seem that bit even more super-cool than they are normally! We’d then ask as many people to remain at the gig as possible so they can ALL JOIN IN a supergroup Woodstock Jam.

I am hoping to arrange a Radio Reverb appearance on Paul Wilson's 'Ears Wide Open' show to promote the event. To provide music for this I'd like to try to play music by each of the acts appearing. So would all the bands please send an mp3 or CD with a shortish track [say 3-5 minutes] they'd like me to air on that occasion and perhaps but up on a player on MySpace.

To find out more about any of the performers please go to …

and locate their individual pages from the Top Friends Application. Also please check out Random SJT! [who will be official photographer for the day} and Buz who will be an important member of the production team. Sound Engineering will be managed by Roy Weard, as it was last year.

More news to follow as it develops.

Give Us An F…..

Give Us A U…

Give Us an N…

… What’s That Spell?????

1 comment:

Mookie said...

"We ask performers to remember this is a family event and their material should reflect this fact."

I hope you guys realise that several of the acts were totally inappropriate for this event. The mood of the audience was not pleasant I can assure you. The 'compere' also refused to turn it down when requested! Whoever is in charge of this next year needs to keep the content appropriate and not pitch the music to the three middle-aged blokes at the front trying to re-live their Death Metal youth.